Dog Attacks

Dog attacks

Reliable Representation for Dog Attack Cases

Lastovich Law Office has developed the solid reputation of being a “go to” law firm for dog attacks in this area. Many of us at Lastovich Law Office are dog owners or dog lovers ourselves, but we know the tragedy that can occur when dogs act out and attack others, particularly young children.

Minnesota has a statute §347.22 that places responsibility for unprovoked attacks squarely upon the owners or keepers of dogs. We have found that in cases involving children, more often than not, the dog goes for the child’s face, often causing wounds and scarring that are disfiguring for a lifetime. 

Additional Information Regarding Dog Attack Situations

Many people are not aware that if a person’s dog attacks someone, that person’s own homeowners' or renters' insurance will provide liability coverage for the event. We handle many dog attack cases to children, and we can often arrange a structured settlement which will provide a stream of monetary benefits for the child over a period of years, after the child turns 18. We can also try help obtain medical expense benefits early on in a case to assist with plastic surgery revision. 

It is important to conduct a prompt investigation into the facts of the dog attack before “stories change.”

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