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If you or someone in your family has been injured by a drunk driver, there may be additional legal action you can take to receive compensation for your injury. Take a look at our example below. 

How a DRAM Shop Case Works

Many people have heard of the term “DRAM Shop” but don’t really know what it means, so perhaps an example is in order. 

Let’s say that a habitual drunk is at his favorite watering hole, but instead of going home after 2 or 3 drinks he continues to throw down shots until he is barely able to sit on his bar stool or dig money out of his pocket. The bartender knows he is obviously drunk but continues to serve him anyway because he gives her great tips. 

Eventually, the drunk stumbles out and gets into his 1-ton pickup and crashes into a mom bringing her son and her son's friends home from a late high school football game, killing two people and injuring the rest. The drunk has only a $30,000 liability policy which is much less than the claims of the various parties. 

In a situation like this, the victims and the victims' families could pursue a DRAM Shop claim against the bar because the bartender served the drunk while he was “obviously intoxicated”.

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